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20 Simple Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cosy

When we spend a third of our life sleeping (yes, a third!), we should be thinking about how we can maximise our comfort and overall cosiness of our bedrooms. Make your room cosy whether in Winter or Spring and love the view from your pillow every day and every night with these 20 design tricks!

1. Don't be afraid of white on white

Surprisingly, white on white can be a great foundation for you to create a cosy-overload bedroom. With white walls and white linen, the 'cosy' elements come from adding accessories such as a chunky knit throw, thick curtains or warm pillows.

2. Add in warm, natural textures and materials

Wood, linen, rattan, wicker, stone, wool: these are all materials that exude warmth so dot them around your room to make your bedroom feel cosy. How do suede lampshades, wool pillows and soft brown wicker furniture sound?

3. Use a big comfy rug

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and sinking your toes into a big fluffy rug. Sounds amazing right? You can't get any cosier than a giant wool rug next to your bed.

a glamorous bedroom

4. Always opt for warm lamps

A great design tip to make your bedroom feel cosy is to add in elements of soft lighting like lamps. Choose soft or deep, dark colours for your light shades but make sure that the actual bulb itself isn't harsh. Soft, warm lighting equals cosy vibes.

5. Paint a feature wall

If white isn't for you, why not pick the wall at the head of your bed and paint that a solid colour? Warm colours include reds, browns, and earthy greens.

6. Aim for the cottage vibes

When you think of 'cosy' does an image of a warm winter cottage come to mind? If so, think about how you can create this scene in your bedroom. Soft white or cream walls with a checkered throw and soft pastel-coloured accessories. Maybe even a wrought-iron bed?

7. Get creative with candles

Make your bedroom feel cosy with the addition of candles but be creative with them. Normal candles can make a room smell nice, but artificial candles give off a warm glow (extra cosy!) and candles inside glass lanterns look pretty!

8. The thicker the curtains the better

Thick, textured curtains scream cosy but you can also layer them too. Consider having netted curtains underneath with thicker, darker curtains on top and this layered look will add to the warmth of the room.

9. Patterns can be cosy too

Pattern on pattern and texture on texture can create a very cosy feel, so don't be afraid to combine patterned wallpaper with rich, patterned textiles.

10. Make your headboard a feature

If you don't want coloured paint or patterns in your bedroom, make your headboard your feature. From a soft velvet material to lavish patterns, you can make your headboard the centrepiece of your whole room.

a big bed with a giant headboard

11. Overload on fabrics

You can make your bedroom feel cosy by using a mixture of fabrics. By simply draping a blanket artfully over the back of a chair or adding mix-and-match throw pillows to furniture or your window seat, you can create colour, texture, and cosiness in your room easily.

12. Stack your favourite books

You shouldn't have technology in your room, it disturbs your sleep, so ditch the electronics and bring in your books. Add in a small bookshelf and display your hardbacks or keep a pile of your favourites by your bedside.

13. Minimalism is key to cosiness

Too many elements such as side tables and bookshelves can make a room feel busy and cluttered. Think about what means most to you, only add these into your room and the minimalist feel will make you fell relaxed and ready to wind down.

14. Splurge on great linens

Although the look is important when you want to make your room feel cosy, actually being cosy is more important! Splurge on great linens for your bed and you can slip in between your amazingly soft set of sheets after a long hard day and never want to leave.

a modern bedroom

15. Combine this will multiple plump pillows and a duvet insert

So, you have good sheets with a high thread count, just wait until you pair this with a duvet insert, plump pillows, and a medium-weight comforter. You'll be so cosy that you may just sleep for two thirds of your life instead!

16. Make that awkward corner a cosy one

Do you have an awkward corner in your room that you don't really know what to do with? Make it your cosy reading nook. You can add a hanging chair or an oversized armchair, pair it with a blanket and a little side table and voila! Cosy vibes.

17. Select art that matches the vibes

Although art is subjective, consider opting for relaxing colours. While reds and oranges may be the typical 'warm' colours, they are quite distracting. For art and paintings, choose pieces that have soft blues, greens or grey tones instead.

18. Fairy lights aren't just for children

Like candles and lamps, fairy lights can give you a more intimate type of lighting in your bedroom. They provide a special kind of ambience that other lights cannot so consider placing them behind a curtain panel or even bunched up in a repurposed jar.

19. Finish the look with a plant or two

You might think that plants don't really signify cosy, but they can! Plants add to the natural, earthy, and relaxing vibes of your bedroom, helping you create a serene sanctuary for you to wind down. Something as simple as cacti or a delicate orchid can help bring life into your room while giving you a little pop of colour.

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20. Make your bedroom feel cosy with a big, soft mattress

If you know that your mattress is heavenly, every time you look at your bedroom, you will feel warm and cosy. Invest in a good mattress and replace it every 5-10 years and you'll never have a bad nights sleep again!

a cosy bedroom

How do you make your bedroom feel cosy? We'd love to hear your tips!

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